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Power of One is an FCCLA program that helps members find and use their personal power. Members set their own goals, work to achieve them, and benefit from the results. The real world skills members learn in Power of One are of use now and in the future. These skills may be used by members in school, relationships, college, their future careers, and their communities.

There are 5 different units in the Power of One National Program that must be complete to receive full recognition for completing the program. 


Unit 1: A Better You      
Impacting the world begins with one person, and A Better You focuses on making one person the best they can be. Through the first unit in Power of One, members will work to strengthen an area of their personal lives and become the best version of themselves. Members will think critically and retrospectively about their own character to determine an aspect of themselves they would like to improve, whether it be their health, their social habits, their spending habits, or more. 

Possible Project Ideas: 
• Eating nutritiously
• Making friends                
• Working to control anger   
• Learning a new skill or hobby
• Saving money for an activity or college
• Being more responsible
 • Decreasing stress
• Improving study habits and grades
• Using social media in a more positive manner


Unit 2: Family Ties      
The second purpose of FCCLA is “to strengthen the function of the family as a basic unit of society.” Family Ties, the second unit of Power of One, focuses on just that: improving one’s family and home life. Members will consider their role in the family and design a project using the FCCLA Planning Process to be a better family member and, in turn, improve their family. Members will recognize the importance of strong families and their relationship to strong communities.

Possible Project Ideas: 
 • Caring for family pet 
• Helping with family meal time
• Organizing fun family activities
 • Making time for family
• Improving communication with family members
• Reducing arguments with family members
 • Keeping up with household responsibilities
• Becoming a more responsible family member
• Caring for your own space and clothes

Unit 3: Working on Working      
To meet the fast-paced demands of a work based society, members must be prepared for their future careers. The third unit of Power of One, Working on Working, strives to prepare members to improve their real world skill sets to become an effective wage earner. Members will recognize the urgency of preparing to become a professional now by learning real world skills such as time management, goal setting, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Possible Project Ideas: 
 • Learning to apply for jobs
• Setting up a business
• Managing a professional social media presence
 • Creating a resume or portfolio
• Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences careers
• Improving critical areas of current job
 • Obtaining a job
• Researching colleges and postsecondary schools
• Earning and saving money for college

Unit 4: Take the Lead      
Members have the power to make an impact by serving as a leader to their peers and others. Take the Lead, the fourth unit of Power of One, strives to strengthen members’ leadership skills in various contexts. Emerging leaders will work to strengthen their ability to lead groups at school, in the home, on the job, and in the community.

Possible Project Ideas: 
 • Volunteering
• Leading a small group
• Public speaking
 • Resisting negative peer pressure
• Completing a STAR Event
• Recruiting new FCCLA members
  • Teaching children
• Running for FCCLA offices
• Using parliamentary procedure

Unit 5: Speak Out for FCCLA      
When we tell others of something that has benefited us personally, the effects are powerful. The final unit of Power of One, Speak Out for FCCLA, equips members to publicize The Ultimate Leadership Experience and inform others of FCCLA’s impact. Members will educate various groups of their experience in the organization and the positive results.

Possible Project Ideas: 
 • Creating promotional materials about FCCLA
• Requesting donations from businesses and community organizations
• Leading a school assembly sponsored by the FCCLA chapter
• Promoting FCCLA digitally 
• Explaining FCCLA to adult audiences
• Demonstrating a STAR Event for potential members
 • Appearing on television or radio
• Writing media releases or media advisory and contacting the media.
• Organizing National FCCLA Week activities

Information above, located in the: FCCLA Power of One Program Outline Guide

2021-2022 Power of One Awards
Nemo Vista High School
Lela Cooper 
Jaq Johnson
Kristin Lehmann
Chloe Gottsponner
Julia DeSalvo
Jesse Chavez

White Hall High School:
Harlie Hipp
Brooklyn Miller
Reese Owens
Arabella Flanigan
Kacie Byrd
Erin Byrd
Katherine Witcher

Des Arc High School
Callie Baxter

To view historical awards: click here! 

Apply for Power of One Awards
To apply for Power of One awards you need to fill out the following application and have your adviser submit it through the FCCLA Portal. 

Submission Window: September 24th - April 1st. 

Power of One Application

Power of One Guide
Power of One Program Outline Guide

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