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  District Meetings  
District Meetings      
District Meetings are meetings that are held within each district. These meetings are planned by the District Officer Team and typically are held at the location of the District President, although they can choose to pick a more central location for the meetings if they are on the edge of their district. 

There are three meetings you will generally find in each district: 

District Leadership Training - this is a training that districts can host, available to Chapter Officer Teams, and other interested students to learn how to grow and strengthen their roles as leaders. This meeting is generally half a day, and is not required. 

Planning and Election Meeting - this meeting is the meeting where the next set of officers are elected. Each chapter within the district is able to bring one voting delegate, and run students for office. The more chapters that participate in the Planning and Election meetings, the more diverse the future officer team will be. During this meeting officer candidates will present their speeches, answer factual and situational questions, and then be voted upon via the voting delegates from each represented chapter. This meeting typically lasts about half a day, and is a required meeting. 

Fall/Winter Leadership Meeting - This meeting can be held in the Fall or in the Winter and is one of the biggest meetings for that District. Officers will need to work together to secure a venue, a guest speaker, and recognize their chapters for awards. Think of this meeting being a mini version of the State Leadership Conference. There will be STAR Events awards, chapter awards, and other meaningful recognition. This event typically lasts an entire day, and is a required meeting. 

The dates of the various meetings are left to the decision of each district. 

Check with your District's Page to find the dates for the known district meetings: 

District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6

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